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Investigative Due Diligence Services  

Trust...but verify.

On countless occasions we've been called into situations where basic upfront due diligence would have saved a company, an investor, a professional-services provider or a consumer money and hassle. Whether in connection with unpaid debt, misplaced trust, shoddy performance, or any number of other contractual breaches, routine research on our part would have prevented or mitigated the damage.

While a "passing" due diligence grade does not guarantee a satisfactory ending, it's a good way to minimize risk and increase the likelihood of success, be it a loan, project, investment, or relationship --professional or otherwise.

We offer a range of cost-effective due diligence services and can tailor our research to your specific needs.

While each such review is unique and our investigative plan may vary, we typically search public information and public records including searches of court indices in logical jurisdictions, inquiry regarding corporate status, verification of occupational-licensure status and history, media sweeps, and review of information exchanges and forums. 

Turnaround times are usually brief. Contact us before making your next big decision.

Knowledge is power.

Recent Cases 

We are frequently engaged to conduct financial investigations in the context of elder fraud and investment fraud.

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