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Recent Cases

Some examples of recent engagements and other developments:

Counsel for a popular musical artist engaged us to investigate allegations of criminal impersonation.

We are frequently engaged to conduct financial investigations in the context of elder fraud and investment fraud.

A utility engaged us to conduct an internal investigation involving misappropriation of assets.

On July 26, 2005, Rob Hempel testified as a summary witness in U.S. District Court in the criminal trial of a lawyer charged with bribery, fraud, racketeering and extortion. The testimony represented the culmination of more than a year's work by our firm working for the defendant's lead counsel, Washington D.C. lawyer Abbe Lowell.

A renowned musician, through his attorney, engaged us to conduct pre-investment due diligence regarding the principals of a real estate development firm.

A large corporation seeking payment of a judgment hired us to research the corporate biography and locate assets of the judgment debtor, a company with manifold identities and multi-country operations.

In April 2005, Rob Hempel attended a two-day training seminar in Chicago, Illinois entitled "Conducting Internal Investigations" held by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The course, which fulfilled sixteen hours of continuing professional education credits, covered such topics as legal elements, document collection, interviewing skills and evidence documentation.

A CFO engaged us to identify the source of funding used by a privately held competitor to acquire a mutually sought-after company. Through public records research, we identified the source.

Our client was indicted for filing a false income tax return and the tax loss originally claimed was in excess of $120,000. Working with the client's defense attorney, we were able to develop information that reduced the tax loss to $50,000.

Our client had been the victim of arson and vandalism by a juvenile. After felony warrants were issued the juvenile fled the jurisdiction. We located the juvenile and he was arrested.

In connection with a music royalty matter, we were engaged to search for heirs of a long-deceased artist.

A large manufacturer retained us to conduct a fraud examination on behalf of management predicated upon anonymous allegations of fraudulent disbursement schemes and corruption.

In connection with an environmental action, we were engaged to research and decipher the history of company that had undergone many mergers and divestitures.

We conducted an investigation involving alleged financial statement fraud at a large educational institution.

In February 2004, Rob Hempel spoke to a class of law students at Vanderbilt University about the role of investigators.

We are frequently engaged by judgment creditors to develop information about the net worth and financial wherewithal of judgment debtors.

An investor in a small business suspected her facility manager of wrongdoing and engaged us to conduct an in-depth probe.

A prospective investor retained us to conduct due diligence services in connection with the principals behind a proposed real-estate venture.

We were engaged to develop information about a company and its owner who had absconded with escrowed funds.

We located a hard-to-find defendant in a civil suit and arranged for service of process.

A health-care company retained our services to conduct due diligence procedures on the founder and president of an acquisition candidate.

Counsel for a country-music artist engaged us to identify the source of harassing communications.

On September 25, 2003, Rob Hempel presented at a seminar in Nashville held by the National Business Institute. The topic of the presentation was skip tracing (i.e., locating people). He also covered benefits and pitfalls of "investigation by Internet."

On May 1 and 2, 2003, Rob Hempel attended the Association of Certified Fraud Examiner's Fraud Training Seminar in Chicago, Illinois.

We were retained by an international, publicly-held manufacturer of industrial equipment to conduct a fraud examination of a large unprofitable project.

On August 16, 2002, Rob Hempel spoke at the Tennessee Bar Association's Privacy Law Symposium. The title of their presentation was Privacy, Public Records, and the Internet.

Counsel for two creditors' committees in a large, jointly administered Chapter 11 reorganization have engaged our services in connection with a review of the debtors' pre-petition activities. 

A large Nashville-based company engaged our services to investigate allegations of procurement fraud.

An investment firm that underwrote a bond offering in Tennessee sought information about the events and circumstances leading up to a default including information about the successor management company and its executives.

A creditor sought information regarding the whereabouts and financial wherewithal of a debtor who had defaulted on a private real estate loan. Our investigation uncovered real property held by a trust that was an affiliate of the debtor. Some property had been fraudulently conveyed to the trust.

An investor sought the return of funds invested in a private, now defunct, business venture. Our investigation uncovered self-dealing, conflicts of interest, inadequate disclosures, and regulatory issues that resulted in an outcome favorable to our client.

A company engaged us to do public records research and other procedures in a Tennessee county in connection with a due diligence review of an acquisition candidate.


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